KIA Brake Service In Fredericksburg

A healthy brake system is what every vehicle should have. It requires regular maintenance to keep the system working properly and that's where our KIA service center comes in. Our convenient hours and favorable Fredericksburg location allow you to come in when its best for you, and you can be sure we'll get you back on the road with minimal disruption to your day.


Happy Customers:

"I recently moved here from Colorado where I purchased my Kia. I was about to drive back to visit for Christmas when I realized my oil needed to be changed. I called Safford Kia and spoke with Chelsea and she immediately fit me in that same day. I was in and out in less than the time promised which was amazing given the amount of packing I still had to do. I've since been back for a tune up and worked with Lee who is amazingly helpful. Great prices, wonderful customer service, and I trust their work." - Scarlett

"The absolute best ! always pleasant and willing to assist in any way. especially Brandon Smith ! wanted an Optima so very badly but it seemed nearly impossble, but Brandon did not give up on it and as of today I have a brand new Optima ! such a sweet and helpful guy!" - Ladybug01

Time For New Brakes:

Every vehicles brake system should come to a safe stop. Yet many drivers often put off brake inspection and service for longer than they should considering the constant use and wear that this system endures. Fredericksburg KIA drivers should look out for these warning signs:
  • A grinding sound coming from the brakes is a telltale sign that your brake pads are worn out. This greatly reduces the stopping power and effectiveness of your brakes in critical situations.
  • If you notice your brake pedal responding differently, that is a sure sign something is wrong. It may feel soft or spongy when you apply the brakes or it could be difficult to push down. Either of these situations may also include your vehicle pulling to one side when you brake because the calipers have worn down unevenly.
  • Vibrations through the pedal or steering wheel are signs that your brakes have heated up too much and are indicative of serious rotor problems.
  • A bad odor when you apply your brakes means something isn't working properly or is about to fail. Overheated brake pads lead to unreliable braking patterns
  • Warning light. There's a reason these things come on, and if they do then don't ignore them.
KIA drivers from Fredericksburg continues to receive efficient service from Safford KIA of Fredericksburg. Having factory trained service technicians we are ready for whatever maintenance your vehicle needs. Visit our KIA service center in Fredericksburg for a brake inspection today!

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