Pick Up a Fine Wine for Date Night from City Vino in Fredericksburg

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Date Night

Think about it. What’s the best way to make your date night extra special? That’s easy: A nice bottle of wine always does the trick. But when it comes to picking out the best wine around, you need a bigger selection than what’s offered at your local grocery store. That’s one great reason to head to City Vino to pick up your wine for the night. This place is more than just a liquor store. It has a ton of delicious wines to choose from, and the staff can even help you pick up something that’s extra special. Depending on what you’re eating, you might want to check out different types of wine. Check out these tips for some easy-to-follow guidelines, and you’re sure to pick up the perfect wine for date night.

Red Wine

Red wine is about as classy as it gets. Red wines are usually more full-bodied, and they can be downright decadent. Think about what you’re going to have for dinner on the night of your date. If you are thinking about having a heavier dish, such as beef or lamb, a red wine is a great choice, as it will complement your meal exceptionally well. Merlots are always popular, or you can try something outside of your comfort zone, like a shiraz or a chianti.

White Wine

Are chicken, fish, or vegetables on the menu for the night? Then you might consider a white wine. White wines tend to be lighter, which means they can be a great choice when you’re having something that’s not as heavy. Chardonnay is usually a top seller, as it’s not too sweet. Or, if you’re looking for something on the sweeter side, a Riesling might be right up your alley. Ask someone at City Vino if you have specific questions about what to pick up.

Champagne or Sparkling Wine

If you are really in the mood to celebrate, you might consider champagne or another kind of sparkling wine. These can be great with dessert or all on their own. You’ll have a lot to choose from, so be sure to do your research before you decide what to buy. One thing’s for sure though: You and your date are going to have a great evening when you pick up a bottle of this stuff.

You want to impress your date with the very best, right? That’s why you’re at City Vino, after all. But it’s going to take more than a nice bottle of wine to make the right impression. Head on over to Safford Kia of Fredericksburg in Fredericksburg, Virginia, to pick up the perfect car for date night and every night.

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