How the Kia EV9 Became The Brand’s Best-Selling EV

March 12th, 2024 by

2024 KIA EV9 parked under modern architecture

  • The 2024 KIA EV9 starts at $54,900 and is in stock here at Safford KIA of Fredericksburg, VA!
  • Featuring three rows of seating and 81.7 cubic feet of max cargo space, the KIA EV9 is ready for any adventure.

The Best Selling KIA EV So Far.

The EV9 sold a whopping 1,113 units in its first month in the US market, significantly contributing to KIA’s recent success and future electrification plans. The explosive success of the EV9 is a clear indicator of Kia’s strategic foresight in the EV market, and how demand for BEVs is on the rise. Kia plans to continue its EV momentum with exciting new models and innovations. Don’t fret – regardless of what the crazy scientists at KIA come up with, KIA’s affordable pricing and industry-leading warranty won’t go away.

Triple Threat: Design, Performance, and Affordability

Exceptional design, performance, and affordability. These are the traits that make the 2024 KIA EV9 such a sought-after electric SUV.  I mean, what else can you ask from a vehicle that already has it all?  Slightly bigger than the Telluride, the EV9 offers 81.7 cubic feet of cargo space, 5,000 lbs towing capacity, and seats seven adults comfortably. Performance-wise, the EV9 boasts an impressive 304 EPA-estimated miles range, thanks to its beefy battery and 0.28 drag coefficient. Fast-charging capabilities allow it to charge from 10% to 80% in just 24 minutes. All these features come at a competitive starting price of $54,900, making the 2024 KIA EV9 an attractive option compared to higher-priced luxury competitors.

KIA EV9 Highlights

  • Max 304 mile range
  • Max 379 horsepower/ 516 lb-ft tq.
  • Rugged design w/ sleek aerodynamics offering a drag coefficient of 0.28
  • 21-in. wheels
  • LED tail lights w/ Star Light Pattern
  • Over-the-Air Updates for vehicle systems minimize visits to dealers and can offer new features
  • A suite of advanced driver assistance systems with 25 standard features.

The 2024 KIA EV9 is in stock here at Safford KIA of Fredericksburg, VA! Give us a call and schedule a test drive today!

2024 KIA EV9 Frequently Asked Questions

  • What makes the Kia EV9 a game-changer in the electric SUV market?
    The EV9 is a game-changer due to its unique combination of size, advanced technological features, competitive pricing, and environmental efficiency. It caters to families and individuals seeking a spacious, modern, and eco-friendly vehicle without the premium price tag of luxury models.
  • How does the EV9’s performance compare to other electric SUVs?
    The EV9 stands out with its 304 miles EPA-estimated range and quick charging capability (charging from 10% to 80% in about 24 minutes). This places it competitively against other electric SUVs, offering a balance of range, convenience, and performance.
  • What are the key technological features of the EV9?
    The EV9 boasts Kia’s latest ccNC infotainment system with dual 12.3″ screens, a 5″ HVAC screen, and advanced driver-assistance systems. These features enhance the driving experience by providing both entertainment and safety.
  • How does the EV9 contribute to Kia’s sustainability goals?
    The EV9, as an all-electric vehicle, aligns with Kia’s broader sustainability goals by reducing emissions and promoting eco-friendly transportation solutions. It signifies Kia’s commitment to a greener future in the automotive industry.
  • Can the EV9 handle long-distance travel efficiently?
    Yes, the EV9 is designed for long-distance travel, offering a substantial range and rapid charging capabilities. Its spacious interior and cargo capacity make it suitable for road trips and family vacations.
  • What is the significance of the EV9’s design and interior space?
    The design of the EV9 is both modern and functional, offering ample interior space with seating for seven and significant cargo capacity. This makes it an ideal choice for consumers needing both style and practicality in their vehicle.
  • How has the EV9 impacted consumer perception of Kia as an EV maker?
    The success of the EV9 has positively impacted consumer perception of Kia, highlighting the brand’s ability to produce high-quality, desirable EVs that meet the needs of a diverse customer base.

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